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Right now, it's so important to maintain safe physical distancing and avoid the chance of COVID-19 exposure. With Dynacare Plus, you can get your test results conveniently online, without making a trip to your doctor's office. There's no worry about wait times, travel or crowds.

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*Limited-time offer available to new Dynacare Plus customers only. Promotional code must be used to redeem this offer. At membership renewal time, the going renewal rate in effect will apply. Not valid towards any other service/product or any other discounts or offerings provided by Dynacare. The Dynacare Plus special price membership is not exchangeable for cash value. This offer shall be subject to change or revocation at any time at the sole and unfettered discretion of Dynacare. Dynacare shall be entitled to deny eligibility to this offer in the event of fraud, misuse, or abuse. Dynacare Plus is intended for informational purposes only. For advice about your test results or your medical condition, please contact your healthcare provider. Read the Dynacare Plus Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for more information.

Start Owning Your Health Today with the New Dynacare Plus App

Re-designed and improved to help you better manage your health

Track and trend your lab results over time with simple graphs and trending charts.


Track progress towards your health goals – steps, diet, blood glucose and weight.


Get tips and information to inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle.


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Guided digital therapy helping you feel better in weeks

Digital mental health therapy by BEACON is all about building stronger resiliency through learning new coping skills to navigate life's challenges. You'll benefit from clinically-proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy delivered privately and securely to your digital device.

You'll receive a comprehensive assessment followed by an individually-tailored therapy. A registered mental health therapist will help you stay on track with monitoring and support. Users start noticing improvements within the first few weeks of a typical 12-week program which also include relapse prevention tools and techniques.

As a Dynacare Plus member, you can now access BEACON digital mental health therapy at preferred rates.*

*Most benefit plans in Canada cover digital mental health therapy as a reimbursable expense.

Connect Virtually with Canadian Doctors on Any Device

Now you can use your phone, video chat or secure messaging to get the healthcare you need within the safety and comfort of your home. You will be able to speak directly with a Canadian-licensed doctor at a time that fits your schedule. No more waiting for weeks to see your doctor or spending time in a waiting room.

Dynacare Plus has partnered with Tia Health to provide virtual care for fast access to medical advice, mental health support, prescriptions, lab test requisitions, specialist referrals, and more. You can choose your doctor based on language, location, gender, and specialty.

Online appointments are free in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia with a valid health card. In other provinces you save with the lowest rates in Canada, starting at just $30 per appointment. Your medical records are private and secured with bank-level encryption.

Book an appointment now

To speak to a doctor, log in to your account in, go to Hub and click on Book Online Appointment with a Doctor.

Access Your Health Records Securely and Conveniently

You can access your health records with or without a Dynacare Plus PIN. You may have received a PIN on a recent visit to a Dynacare Laboratory and Health Services Centre or through a Dynacare Workplace health and wellness program. If you do not have a PIN, you can access your health records by using Verified.Me by SecureKey Technologies Inc. to help verify your identity using personal information that you consent to share from your financial institution. Rest assured your health records are secure and ready for access whenever you need them.


Free Dynacare Plus Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to get the most out of Dynacare Plus:

  • Receive lab results fast - anytime, anywhere.
  • Trend your lab results to get an understanding of your numbers.
  • See progress towards health goals like blood sugar, steps, diet and more.
  • Get tips for healthy living.
  • Access your personal health information securely and conveniently by using Face ID or Touch ID. *

All of This for Less Than a Cup of Coffee per Month

Now only $9.99/year plus tax
Customer 60+ Now only $7.49/year plus tax

Reg $19.99/year plus tax.   Age 60+ Reg. $14.99/year plus tax

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