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Start Owning Your Health Today with the New Dynacare Plus App

Re-designed and improved to help you better manage your health

Track and trend your lab results over time with simple graphs and trending charts.

Track progress towards your health goals – steps, diet, blood glucose and weight.

Get tips and information to inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Free Dynacare Plus Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to get the most out of Dynacare Plus:

  • Receive lab results fast - anytime, anywhere.
  • Trend your lab results to get an understanding of your numbers.
  • See progress towards health goals like blood sugar, steps, diet and more.
  • Get tips for healthy living.
  • Access your personal health information securely and conveniently by using Face ID or Touch ID. *

Take Control of Your Health for All Your Reasons

Each of us has our own reasons for wanting to be healthy. When you are informed, you can take an active role in managing your health. With Dynacare Plus you get timely information and insight on lab test results and other health knowledge. You can have informed conversations with your doctor, track your progress towards your health goals and take action for the reasons that matter to you.

Understanding Your Lab Results is Easier Than You’d Think

If you’re an Ontario or Quebec resident, now you can get your lab test results online, as soon as they are ready. With Dynacare Plus you have your own secure, private account that can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

All of This for Less Than a Cup of Coffee per Month

Only $19.99/year plus tax
Customers 60+ only $14.99/year plus tax

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